Alpha over ebola (20140816)

When the Ebola virus was first detected in Sierra Leone in the Kailhun district the people there never believe it and they always denied the existance of the ebola virus. When it started the government tried to isolate the whole area where it started. The people that were suspected to be having the virus started to run away from the area to another places. They had the idea that the ruling government APC wanted to kill them because most of them are supporting the SLPP party. So some of this people went on a rampage and even burn down the health centre that was set up for them.

The decease started to spread when people were migrating to other towns. After some time the sickness was found in Kenema. After it was detected some of the victims ran away from the health centre that was build for them in Kenema to Freetown. But still people were denying the idea of the existance of the Ebola virus. Some were saying that the government is making up story about it just to make money, and now the virus is out of control. And it's now in the capital city Freetown.

One of the doctors that was helping out a lot to cure the ones with the virus just died. After the death of this doctor most people stated to believe that the virus exist but by then its on the rampage. More an more people are dieing from it, an mostly doctors an nurse are victims because they are vunarable to get it easily. So now the government, organization an international body are helping in the fight of this deadly desease. The government is now implementing some rules like all commercial bike rider are now working from 7am to 7pm. Bank will open from 8:30am to 2:30pm in freetown. In kenema 8:30am to 12:30pm an no Saturday banking. All shops should be closed at 7pm. Another big problems we now facing is the increase in prices of food stuff and other items. And now there is a luck down in kailhun and kenema. No car is allowed to go in or out . On August 9 there was an information that everyone should washed with salt and boil water saying that it will help to prevent people from Ebola. The whole country was up at around 3am doing just that. We have been getting lots of information some true and some false. Lots of the rich people has flew the country with there families. For now things is getting worst. Hospital are closing like wise other big offices the virus is spreading we needs help. Sierra leone is crying for help.

Free your mind as an organization we playing our role to eradicate this Ebola decease. By doing this we are always adviceing our students one the centre and giving them the write information. Now we even have bocket is water mixed with chlorine and we also have the hand sanitizer which we always used before going in to the centre and also coming out. We plan to do big in helping to eradicating this deceased but since there is no fund to do that we just doing it in the centre and also educate the people in there community and also at home to be awear about the ebola. And now at the centre we have a special topic on Ebola just to discuss on it and on pass information everyday. So I believe we are playing our role as activist.

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