Jongeren aan het woord

Op deze pagina schrijven de jongeren zelf over hoe ze FYM Salone beleven.
(Bijgewerkt t/m 30-08-2014.)

We zijn hier in mei 2014 mee begonnen, tijdens het werkbezoek van Sanne aan FYM Salone. De jongste aanvulling staat bovenaan de pagina.

Hanna Davice (21 jaar)

Freetown, 29 augustus 2014

I started Free Your Mind on the 7/21/2014 have been there up to this day and since then fym has been great help to me, after I sat to my W.A.S.E Exam there was nothing for me to do until one day my cousin told me about free your mind, and told me its free and that was the opportunity I was looking for so the next day I went there and got a form after feeling it I went there the next day.

Since that day have change a lot positively am now bold I can speak freely, before I was shy but now am someone different. Today I took my final class on therapy, which was using the clay to make things and I love it. Thanks to fym am now learning computer for free and have got a lots of ideas that I should have paid a lot for just for free so I say thanks to free your mind I will soon got a certificate.

Sylvic Nicol

Freetown, 22 augustus 2014

I started Free Your Mind on the 21/07/2014 and since that day have come across lots of new things. To start with the word Therapy and the meaning sounds new to me before but now I too have learn new things that I can be proud off. I will like to say thanks to FYM for that understanding , following the therapy class have done a lot in my life. Have heard a lot of sad and nice stories from others having fun laugh and excitement.

When i started the first thing I did was drawing my hand and write in it about myself before it looks childish but after the explanation and its important it makes a difference, have also tell story about my past, present, future about my family have done music, acting and things have never done before some of the class bring me joy and some tears but at the end it create an impact in my life.

Am now learning computer and am now on word where I can make things like invitation card, letterhead and many more and now the skills development are also helping my vocabulary which am proud off. Taking an active role in the discussion we are having in the centre has also help me to be bold and how to respond to question. FYM is a stepping stone for me to have a better future please FYM keep on the good work. And thanks for your positive role you playing for the youths in mama Salone.

Mariana Swarra

Freetown, 15 augustus 2014

Hello all my name is Mariana Swarray a student of free your mind sierra leone.

I am 22 years of age I heard about this organization from a friend who was a past student of fym an got certificate on the therapy class. I grow interest after seeing the certificate and things they are doing so after that I decided to join fym on the 18 of July2014, from that time to now have learned a lots.

On the therapy aspect I learned how to tell my stories, draw and do presentation, the part I like most which makes me happy was the day I tell the story about my present life which was not easy for me it makes me cry a lots but friends around including mr kamara talk to me and advice me after that it makes me to feel like I belong, and there are people that are ready to listen to me at any time. I also love the discussion aspect because it makes me to learn a lot about things have never come across. like this week we have been talking a lot about Ebola how to prevent from getting it, we now always washed our hands before we go into the office we also talk about teenage pregnancy an it was nice and fun we also did the English class with the help of mr. Parmer and mr. Kamara.

I like the computer class also but am growing more interest for the therapy class because it makes me to be bold and free. on the computer aspect am now on word but still learning how to type more faster make things Like invitation cards. I-d cards and other things that I believe will be a great help to me in the future this week we learn how to type with two hands and a test was conducted by lansana just to test our typing skills. I love fym so much because it has make a big difference in my life and still doing it. No negative complain for now the only thing is that fym should try to spread to other areas because there are people that needs help like me. Thanks for reading my story good bye.

Sylvester Kamara

Freetown, 4 augustus 2014

I have been in fym for three weeks and have been taking the fym module, computer studies, Skill Development and general discussion. Through the therapy i learned a lots about people there stories the way they live and also I learn that there is some one who is having more trouble than you an also there is always a solution to your problems. Am now bold and I can now take an active role in fym an also out side fym.

Am very happy to take the therapy class. As for the computer have never done it before but through the help of FYM am now training computer for free an am learning so fast. Now I can type, I also know the different keys and part of computer. I also like the discussion time we normally have were in we talk about our home. Families. And the country, last week we were discussing on the Ebola virus and we learned a lot and get more understanding about it so I will like to say thanks to fym for there help and support.

Emmanuel P. Brown

Freetown, 11 juli 2014

Hello, my name is Emmanuel P. Brown. I was born on the 10th of August in 1988 in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

I have been part of Free Your Mind Salone since one week. A friend told me about FYM and when I heard more about the program I decided to join them. Luckily they just started a new group so I could start right away. I have been taken the FYM Module classes, computer class ( both practical and study) and we had some discussions during this week. I learned how to turn the computer on and we talked about the various parts of a computer. During the FYM Module classes I have learnt how to draw my story and explain it to others. It also made me learn how to talk to other people when they are in any mood.

The FYM organization is a very good organization which is there to help yours to develop themselves. FYM is learning youth many different skills and how to be good people in the society. FYM Salone needs more attention from the government and other donors, since it is a very educative organization and it needs to establish in the entire Sierra Leone.

Alfred Beloku Kanu

Freetown, 4 juli 2014

Good day everyone, my name is Alfred Beloku Kanu and I am 22 years old. I started the FYM Salone classes in the second week of January 2014. I started with classes like English, group discussion, workshop/training and the FYM Module (drama, music and art). I finished the FYM Module and got my certificate.

This week I learnt Word art during the computer classes. We were thought how to create an ID card, birthday card and timetable. I also did a lot of outreach and came with three new students to the centre. I would like to take this time to encourage every student in FYM to learn all that is to learn when taken the FYM Module classes. It will help you in your future!

Khadija S. Kamara

Freetown, 20 juni 2014

My name is Khadija S. Kamara and I am 18 years old. I've been in free your mind over five month now. Have learned how to live a good life and to assist people. I now know that you can ease somebody's stress through creative therapy, music and drama.

Since I have completed my FYM module I only take computer and skill training. This past week I learnt a lot about Microsoft word,and a little thing about point.

Jaffinatu Bangura

Freetown, 13 juni 2014

Good day, my name is Jaffinatu Bangura (22 years old) and this week I will tell you what I have done with Free Your Mind. I am a student of Free Your Mind Salone and I have taken 3 months with the organization now. Since I started coming to FYM I have learnt a lot. Throughout this week I have taken English, computer, creative therapy and discussion classes.

During the classes this week I have learnt how to have a nice discussion. We discussed on the topic the educational system in Sierra Leone'. Whether it is good or bad and how it is affecting students. The boys were for the motion and the girls were against. At the end of the discussion we, the girls, defeat the boys with our arguments. The educational system is poor and corrupted. Teachers take bribes from the boys to pass their exams and girls are using their own body to upgrade their grades. The government is lack in supporting the schools and should pay more attention on improving the educational standard in our country.

I also learnt about creative therapy. I gave a presentation on the topic the day the war came. Although it was a difficult topic I was able to present well and answer questions nicely. I talked about how the war came into Sierra Leone on 6th of January in 1999. It was a sad day for the Sierra Leonean. The rebels destroyed the people, they burnt the houses, rape young girls and cut of hands and feet.

I finally leanrt about the computer. I learnt how to type and where I should place my fingers when I am typing. I want to add to this story that I really appreciate the fact that we can take thus class for free. Teachers are teaching us good and useful things. There is only one thing I do not like and that is that there are not enough computers for us all to work on at the same time. Now we need to share a computer and that is standing in our way to learn quick.

Mohamed Fofanah

Freetown, 6 juni 2014

Good day everybody, my name is Mohamed Fofanah and I am 18 years old. I am a student of Free Your Mind for the past four months. During that time I have learnt a lot. I took English, creative therapy, computer and group discussions for the past weeks. I am now able to do some work under Word, Publisher and many more.

With the Free Your Mind Module I have learnt a lot about everything in life. First when I was not in FYM my life was miserable and I have been having a lot of problems at home with my family. At that time I was living a very bad life. With the help of Free Your Mind I now know how to talk with them and all that has changed. I have realised that's future is bright.

Because of my positive experiences with FYM I decided to tell other people about the organisation. One of them already started to take class. He is a soldier and he said that he wants to express himself and free his mind. He also told me that he will bring more people to come to this great organisation. Thank.

Hajaratu Sesay

Freetown, 29 mei 2014

Hello, my name is Hajaratu Sesay, I am 21 years old and I live with my mother. I am a school dropout. I started coming to FYM for the past four weeks now. I have learnt a lot. Before I was very shy and it was hard for me to express myself in crowds or tell my story to others. Since I came to FYM I learned how to talk, draw, sing and act my story and how to present myself. FYM has done a lot for me and is still doing a lot. For this week I learnt about reproductive health (birth control, planning ourselves, etc.) I draw about my past life and did a presentation about it. I was also having computer class. I am happy to be with FYM and I hope that this kind of training will continue so others can also benefit from it.

Musu Kanu

Freetown, 23 mei 2014

Good day everybody, my name is Musu Kanu, I am 21 years old and I am a student of Free Your Mind Salone. I am so grateful for being part of this great organisation. Since I started taking class here I have learnt a lot from the English, creative therapy and computer introduction classes. I have even learnt so many new things that I have never learnt before. Throughout this week I was able to take creative therapy and computer introduction. During this last class I learnt how to access a computer. We also had some discussions about how to use whatsapp and Facebook wisely. The outcome was that we really need to know what we want with those social media ourselves and stop things if we do not like what is happening.

Lansana M. Mansaray

Freetown, 16 mei 2014

Hello everybody, my name is Lansana M. Mansaray and I am 19 years old. I have been part of Free Your Mind Salone for about four months now. During these months I took creative therapy, music, filming and computer class. I have learned a lot already. I now know how to help people by getting I know their stories by using creative therapy. And I learned about the computer, both hardware and software. Last week I have been helping the teacher to teach computer to the new students. FYM is a good organisation that is here to help young people live a happy life and to forget about their sad stories.

Martha Hannah Conteh

Freetown, 13 mei 2014

Hello, my name is Martha Hannah Conteh and I am 19 years old. I started coming to Free Your Mind Sierra Leone on the 5th of May 2014. This week I have taken part in different kind of classes, like English and the FYM Module. I already leaned a lot from the classes I have been part in. Something I didn't understand I have learnt it now in the English class. I learned how to use 'I'm' instead of 'I am' and 'she's' instead of 'she is'. I really like coming to the FYM centre.

Regiatu Sesay

Freetown, 9 mei 2014

Hello everybody, my name is Regiatu Sesay, I was born on 18 December 1993, and I just completed the 13 classes of the FYM module. Early this year a friend told of mine came to me and told me about Free Your Mind. Since I was not having anything to do I decided to take a look at the FYM centre. I liked what they told me so I decided to join Free Your Mind Salone. I learned a lot from the art therapy classes. For example how to speak in public, how to think properly and sharing my story made me feel happy.

There supposed to be a certification ceremony but since I want to apply for a job as a waitress or secretary I came to get my certificate earlier. I hope this certificate will help me to get the job.


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